Coming in 2019: Rapping for the Roots

Indigenous “Root” cultures share a stage at an international gathering that celebrates our collective humanity.

Bringing together different Indigenous “Root” cultures arose out of a possibility…
Despite different geography these peoples may share similar needs, and linking their needs on an international stage might create tremendous sympathy to their plight, an exchange of potentially real solutions, and international support. In addition, with the gathering we aim to raise the consciousness of our global monoculture and support the realisation that if we do not nurture and preserve these cultural roots of our species, then we will destroy the very roots from which we all arose!

Aligning leading exponents of Rap music, from disparate cultures, under the title RAPPING FOR THE ROOTS would automatically gain attention from global youth. We believe that the adults of tomorrow will help transform RACE for the ROOTS into a clear and tangible vehicle of sustainable human core values.