I live in Israel, and was born in Jerusalem. Since birth I have lived in a divided country. I grew up and was educated in a Tel Aviv suburb, a melting pot of cultures. Most of the children in my age group were born in Israel, but we were all educated in homes where the ethnic tradition was very strong, where our parents or grandparents influenced our education, family, who we are and who we connect with.

On one hand, I was influenced by my dogmatic childhood. On the other hand, I met a lot of people who were different from me, with different opinions and testimonies, and they were all special and touched my heart. So my disillusionment began… All I want to see is a multitude of cultures, beliefs and abilities. I realized that this is what makes my world colorful and so interesting. Different people, who are well planted in their heritage, but have no fear of meeting and recognizing difference—It expands their consciousness, and not the contrary.

As a mother of two children, I understand more than ever how important it is. We are rapidly becoming one large international community. The differences between us are blurring and we are creating a multi-cultural model, and our past is fading. Our children often have no idea what roots they come from, what elements make up their parents, and hence them. The whole story of uniqueness and color and interest, is also dwindling.

Human culture is magical and fascinating; it can bring us to distant and wonderful and lofty areas if we use it properly. To remember its existence, to be part of the dangling dynasties of those before us…maybe we will even get to see new and special works, and another vision for the future.