Dani Gonzalez Ares

Dani has been involved in mind-body movement systems since 2001. She is an experienced lead instructor trainer in a well-respected pilates method, and other mind-body movement modalities, such as yoga, gyrotonic and fascial movement. She regularly travels around the globe teaching, as well as owning her own studio in Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin she has been a guest lecturer on several yoga teacher training courses. Since early 2014, Dani has deeply studied shamanic teachings and the divine feminine. She is certified by the Ayni School of Andean Shamanism & Experiential Wisdom Teachings, and a certified Dove Oracle Priestess level 2 by the Seven Sisters Mystery School, as well as having a Diploma in Consciousness Studies. In addition to continuing to delve deeper into life’s mysteries, Dani is currently studying for a master degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy.