Cathy Poral

Cathy is a passionate advocate for preserving Mother Earth, a lover of the outdoors and photography. She has practiced community heath nursing and understands the value of celebrating diversity and importance of our relationships within a global community. She is a hospice nurse and a triage nurse in Breckenridge, Colorado. Cathy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and an MA in Clinical Psychology. She is currently studying holistic nursing with an emphasis on plant medicine. Reclaiming our roots, through self exploration and energy work can bring wellness to mind, body and spirit. The alchemy of nature brings her bliss.
She is involved in the Independent Film scene in Southern Colorado and enjoys almost every genre of music. She is a world traveler and delights in experiencing new cultures. When she is not traveling, she can be found in rocky mountains. She is honored to be part of this collaborative.

“This project is important to me as I have 2 children, Mike & Grace. I wanted them to know that through understanding, openness, and love…we can change the world. Through celebrating our diversity and uniting together, we can be love. “