Brent Jaster

Brent desires to connect more to Heart over mind, Earth over plastic, Spirit over technology, People over stereotypes, and Social/Historic Justice over nearly anything else. He has lived in various regions of the United States, and seen or experienced the obstacles of North/South, Black/White, Indigenous/Settler, Latinx/Not, and many other fear-based divisions. Sports, and a genuine curiosity of things different from his “norm”, reiterated the plausibility of universal humanity, and the value of diversity. He loves international hip hop, electronica, dancing, nature, words and languages, creating disruptive things of social value, breaking down the status quo, fighting for institutionalized equity, and laughing, especially with his children. Brent has been called a renegade, uses his privilege to advocate for justice, and desires to return Health and Care to medicine. He is an innovative (integrative holistic) physician and consultant in Denver, Colorado.