Race for the Roots is a multicultural collective. We believe that the benign evolution of the human species hinges directly upon the reconnection to, and reverence for, all of our collective and ancient Root (Indigenous) cultures. These very cultures originally gave Homo sapiens the power and impetus to spring forward as a powerful force on our planet. But we have now reached a point in herstory/history where we are in danger of cataclysmic collapse. Unless a reconnection to our diverse collective roots can be encouraged with deeper growth and widespread expression, the present, growing, and dominant monoculture will rob us of our extraordinarily rich and collective diversity.

Our Indigenous (Root) cultures are highly relevant, if not superior, in so many life-preserving actions, yet hold very little power and importance in the face of an accepted, yet reckless, status quo. For as long as this ideology persists the robbery to future generations and us is incalculable!

Race for the Roots is a global, cultural, collective movement based upon one simple idea: “If we lose our Indigenous/Cultural roots, the tree of our humanity will collapse”. Through international participation in educational, celebratory, and multicultural festivals, which include music, dance, art and multi-media events, our aim is to safeguard, honour, rekindle, connect and propagate the extraordinary richness of our own human species, before its endless diversity is swallowed up and lost forever.

We are in a literal Race for the Roots… Join Us!